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Twitter Facebook Google+ [{"latlong":["-28.0342656"," 153.42909239999994"],"zoom":"16","infow":"Dracula'sDracula's Cabaret Restaurant Gold Coast, Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach QLD, Australia"}] Dracula's events Akmal Live at Dracula's 28/10/2018 19:30 - 28/10/2018 21:30 July 29 at Dracula's $50 Tickets from https://www.draculas.com.au/live-at-draculas   Enjoy an amazing night of comedy Live at Dracula's. With food available at the premises and drinks flowing all night you will be in for a night to remember. Movies, Sketch, Stand‐Up, Tv appearances, radio DJ and talk show host, improvisation and a published author, Akmal is out of Australia's most respected, successful and accomplished comics. He displays an incredible ability to deal with hot topics in a hilarious and non‐offensive way. Akmal has a fascinating past. Originally immigrating to Australia from Egypt with his family nearly 30 years ago. He sums it up in his own inimitable style ‐ "My parents didn't tell us where we were going. We thought it was two hours away. Twenty hours later, we got off a plane. We were on another planet". This and many other bizarre incidents dot Akmal's life ‐ suggesting a career in stand‐up comedy was pre‐ordained, either that or he should have been committed early on. Being Australia's only Arab comedian, His Arab heritage steers his....::

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