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After touring her show GOOD FUNNY to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Brisbane earlier this year, Bec Charlwood is bringing her show to the Gold Coast on the GOOD-ER FUNNY-ER tour. Bec spent most of her 20's with undiagnosed bipolar disorder, she's now been diagnosed, medicated, gone to therapy, processed it all and has made it into an hour of jokes for you. It's also a bit about Dolly Doctor, bad grammar, Step Parents and the story of the worst manic episode she had where she got obsessed with one of the greatest bassists of all time. It's me, Bec Charlwood, writing this description by the way. All comedians write their own show descriptions, so I hope that makes reading show descriptions more fun in the future. I've been on TV a couple of times, opened for some actual famous comedians and The Age said this about my last show: "It’s rare to hear the spectrum of laughter Bec Charlwood elicits. ★★★★". If you need more accolades you can give it a google, it's all there. I'm surprised you've made it this far into the description, what are you doing? Be brave! Buy a ticket already dammit! xxx"

  • Date icon Date Sat. 2 September, 2023
  • Time icon Time 9:00 PM
  • Venue icon Venue The Basement, HOTA
  • Tickets icon Tickets $30

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