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Tue. 21 September, 2021

Wallaby Hotel 7:00 PM
Wallaby Hotel
Monthly Tuesdays
Runaway Bay Tavern 7:30 PM
Runaway Bay Tavern
Tuesday Night Comedy
The Scottish Prince 7:30 PM
The Scottish Prince
Tuesday Night Comedy

Wed. 22 September, 2021

The Arc at Nobbys 7:30 PM
The Arc at Nobbys
Wednesday Night Comedy
The Avenue Surfers 7:30 PM
The Avenue Surfers
Wednesday Night Comedy

Thu. 23 September, 2021

Last Night on Earth 7:00 PM
Last Night on Earth
Thursday Night Comedy

Sat. 25 September, 2021

Comedy Underground 6:45 PM
Comedy Underground
Saturday Showcase Show
James Donald Forbes McCann 9:00 PM
James Donald Forbes McCann
Devils Advocate

Mon. 27 September, 2021

Precinct Brewing 7:00 PM
Precinct Brewing
Monday Night Comedy

Sat. 9 October, 2021

Daniel Townes 9:00 PM
Daniel Townes
Little Ray of Sunshine

Sat. 4 December, 2021

Luke Heggie 9:00 PM
Luke Heggie
I Already Told You

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